Election Day

I admit – I’m having a difficult time focusing tonight. I have school work to do, but I am glued to CNN. Like millions of other Americans, I’m waiting for the polls to close and the election results to come in.

Traditionally, my school district does not hold classes on Election Day. Instead, we give the kiddies off and hold a Superintendent’s Conference Day for faculty and staff. This particular conference day was run in my favorite format – For Smithtown By Smithtown. Dozens of faculty members (myself included) wrote proposals to facilitate workshops about technology and “Literacy of the 21st Century.” Mine was called “Breaking Barriers” (see the link above for more information).  I presented in the morning session, and I was able to attend 3 other workshops: Podcasting for the Classroom, a keynote speech given by David Warlick, and a workshop devoted to teaching people how to use Microsoft Outlook effectively.

Did I say that I love this day? I really do…

I think I’ll comment on David Warlick’s presentation in another entry, when I have more energy. I guess what I want to think about now is Podcasting… and how I don’t do it because I don’t really know how. Unfortunately, limits on time and technology prevented the workshop facilitator from going into detail about how exactly to make Podcasts (or why…) but I am intrigued by the possibility of trying something new for my classroom. Off the cuff, I’m thinking that an extra-help Podcast would be a good idea for students who want extra help but don’t have time (or desire) to stay after school to get it. However, is it really worth it to me, as a teacher, to spend hours creating a podcast for students that might not even listen to it? Especially when I have already committed to staying after school for at least an hour a week to meet with kids about their work? It would certainly take me more than an hour, at home, to create a Podcast…so what gives? I’m curious to do some research and see exactly who is Podcasting in the classroom and if it’s really “worth it.”

Back to watching a little bit more of the Election Day results…

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