A First-Timer in San Antonio

I’m awake, and I’m amazed. I must be running on some sort of fuel reserve tank stored up specifically for the purpose of powering an incredible English-teacher geek for her first national conference!

Seriously, however… As I “pen” this blog, I notice that the clock has crept to 12:24am. I should be sleeping… but I had a few ideas that I wanted to share.

I decided early on that I wanted to spend some time blogging to document my learning process during this convention. I feel very lucky to be here, and in the short time since the 98th annual convention commenced, I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I found Gary Knell’s address this evening to be particularly inspiring, and I would like to reflect on that a little later on (perhaps when I’m not so overtired).

I spent a good hour in the lobby of the Marriot Rivercenter mapping out my day tomorrow. I chose two workshops for every session (a first choice and a back up). I’ll be in sessions from 7am – 5:15pm, and I’m not sure when I will have an opportunity to update. In order to keep all of my thoughts together, I purchased a brand new composition notebook and plastic expanding file for use at this conference alone. Indeed, I’m ready to soak everything in.

On a random side note – I ate more Mexican food today than I have ever in a 24 hour period. It was delicious, but probably not very healthy (Pork Tamale, anyone?). I noticed that the hotel has a very nice-looking fitness center on the 4th floor. Let’s just see if I have enough discipline to get a quick workout in before tomorrow’s sessions start.

Go ahead and bet against me. The spirit is always willing… but the flesh hits “snooze.”

I’ll be at the “First Timers” session tomorrow at 7am – I hope to meet some great new people! Thankfully, in addition to the fitness center, the hotel also has a Starbucks in the lobby.

Until next time…

2 Responses to A First-Timer in San Antonio

  1. Stacey says:

    From both of your posts it sounds like you had a brilliant time!

  2. msdon9 says:

    I did, thanks! I was looking forward to attending your session, but I didn’t make it. I have been following the blog and am truly impressed with the work you are doing! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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