Embodiment: Ning for School Districts

I admit it. I was completely lost when I signed up for the NCTE 2008 Ning. I had no idea what I was doing or how to navigate the site. At first blush, I figured that this would just be another one of those things that I sign up for and never use (such as Going.com… which is probably cool, but I’m just not that into it).

After attending the NCTE Annual Convention in San Antonio, I became comfortable with using the Ning site. I still log in every now and again to see if colleagues have posted any new updates about the sessions I attended. So far I’ve modified a few handouts and Power Point presentations for my own class. This is great! Why re-invent the wheel? It’s not like any of us have that much free time to begin with anyway…

I’m currently working on a final project for my graduate class in School District Leadership. CEQ Something-Or-Other from SUNY Stony Brook. The class is essentially about the management of school district personnel, and the project has to be something that could be used to assist the Personnel Superintendent facilitate professional development for district staff.

Even before I attended the NCTE convention, I had a rough idea in my mind of “Facebook for Teachers.” Well, not really Facebook… but something like it. I was interested in creating the prototype of a social-networking site that certified staff of a school district could use to create professional profile pages, maintain teaching blogs, upload teaching documents, and participate in web forum discussions.

I’m not convinced that my professor is going to “get” it. If I’m a digital immigrant, she’s clearly a Neanderthal.

Still, as I rush through this update at my mobile “office” (Panera Bread – free WiFi), I have started the neccesary research to generate a thesis about how Ning can be a useful tool for teachers collegiality and professional development.

I promise to post the finished product here.

One Response to Embodiment: Ning for School Districts

  1. Stacey says:

    I just checked the “Blogging Teachers” Page I created and saw your blog listed there. (I’m a few months late… sorry!) Hope to come back and check what’s going on in your teaching world again soon.


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