I’m Seeking Input

Hello to all in the Professional Learning Network!

I recently submitted a proposal to facilitate a Teachers’ Center Workshop in my district. My workshop description follows:

In this digital age, a wealth of technological advances have contributed to a change in the way teachers teach and students learn. Unfortunately there can be a certain amount of fear and apprehension among teachers when struggling to learn this new technology for a variety of reasons. This workshop is designed to inform teachers about the latest 21st Century Internet technology to use in the classroom and beyond, and it will also give them a safe place to experiment with this technology and learn about ways that other teachers are effectively using it. Teachers will learn how to create a social network for their classes using Ning and will experiment with web services like Google Tools, Twitter and Diigo to share information.

This workshop is currently pending approval. In the meantime, I’m working under the assumption that I’ll get the green light; therefore, I’d like to gather as much information as possible from my colleagues in the PLN to determine what are the best new tools to learn (and ultimately share).

I’d like to know what YOU think is the latest and greatest in Internet technology for classroom use. Please leave a comment below and tell me what works for you and why. As indicated above, I already plan on presenting Ning, Diigo, and some Google tools (namely Google Docs, Reader, and News). What else should I know about?

Thanks in advance for your help!


2 Responses to I’m Seeking Input

  1. tomwhitby says:

    Keep it simple, do not show more than 2 apps. You may mention others. I would start out with The Educator’s PLN Ning. It was built from Twitter Links. There are great PLN Videos. Tutorials for many apps for enriching a PLN are on the site. Teachers can Lurk and Learn without being embarrassed until they are comfortable enough to engage.Use the educators to follow list to build your own following and do a Twitter shout out during your workshop.Let me know if you need more help.

  2. msdon9 says:

    Thank you for your suggestions!

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