10 Riveting Story Ideas for #ReynoldsReno

I’ll be working on one or two of these:



Section: Topic



Possible Sources

Sports: “No Pool? No problem!” Feature on the West varsity swim team

West doesn’t have a pool. As a result, the swim team has very low exposure with the student body. Very few people come to see their meets, and the athletes don’t get nearly as much press as their football or basketball-playing counterparts. I’d like to explore this from the angle of the frustrated athletes who love their sport but celebrate many of their glories alone.


  • P. Smith – District Athletic Director
  • Various coaches, athletes, and parents
  • The “standout” athlete (one who receives a lot of awards



News: “What it’s like to be mini me” Interview with a 34 y/o Yale graduate who is 3’6” tall.


This would also be a great radio diary… it would force the listener to imagine what Nicole looks like in his/her mind’s eye.

Nicole D., a resident of my town, was born with a form of dwarfism where her torso is average-sized, but her legs and arms are the size of a child’s. She made it through high school and college with a great deal of success, but struggles with being a single woman in her 30s navigating the dating world, social life, and dealing with people on the street who want to photograph her because she’s “different.”

  • Nicole
  • A few of Nicole’s friends who witness how she is treated by strangers in public.
  • One of Nicole’s parents.
  • A medical professional who knows a thing or two about diastrophic dwarfism

Arts & Entertainment: Candy Crush creater King meets success from its addictive Facebook game.

Focus on the popular Facebook game Candy Crush. Delve into the history of Facebook game applications, the history of Candy Crush Saga, and a look at the King company from a business angle. How much money are they making from the general public’s addiction to the game?

  • Secondary sources: other news articles about King.com
  • Direct information from King’s website
  • Interviews with people who have self-proclaimed addictions to Candy crush

News: Leaving Long Island: Excessed teachers who find work out of state.

Thanks to Gov. Cuomo’s 2% property tax cap, districts all over the state (but especially here on LI) are excessing teachers. Some who are fairly new to the profession have given up and moved out of state to find work. I’d like to see how they are doing after they’ve completed a year of work somewhere else.

  • Director of a pre-service teacher placement program at a local college (Hofstra University, St. Joseph’s College, etc.)
  • NYSUT representative (teachers’ union in New York)
  • 2 or 3 excessed teachers who have moved off Long Island and are now teaching out of state.


Viewpoints: The Paleo Diet: debunking the myth that caveman eating is good for you.

The Paleo Diet has become the latest fad in dieting, but does it make any sense? Are people who follow this diet actually healthier? My answer is “no.” This could be a good op-ed for anyone who habitually falls prey to the latest diet fad (Atkins, The South Beach Diet, etc.)

  • A nutritionist
  • Someone who follows the Paleo Diet
  • Secondary sources: books and/or news articles about the so-called Paleo lifestyle.

News: When work hurts: The injured in the FDNY who keep on going.



This would be a great story – but I have to wonder if any active firefighters would really talk to me about this. I reached out to a close friend in the FDNY to assess how likely it would be to get interviews. He said people might talk to me as anonymous/confidential sources.

I’m friendly with a lot of guys who are FDNY. Many of them that I know personally have sustained some pretty significant injuries – neck injuries –  as a result of the physical demands of the job. Still, while it wouldn’t be a tough argument to go on disability, many of these guys push to forge through because they love the job so much. I’d like to interview them to see why they do it, and what price are they willing to pay to remain among New York’s Bravest?

  • Vincent Dunn – a retired FDNY chief who writes blogs about injured firefighters (www.vincentdunn.com)
  • FDNY on disability
  • Active FDNY (anonymously) who hide their injuries to remain on active duty. There’s one that will definitely talk to me as long as it’s anonymous.
  • A physician (orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, etc.) who treats injured members of the FDNY
  • A concerned family member of an injured FDNY

Viewpoint: Want to stimulate the economy? Legalize prostitution for tax revenue.


(ok that’s a bad title… I admit it – but it’s SO New York Post-ish!)


The sex industry, legal in 11 Nevada counties, has had a positive impact on the state’s economy, and other states should seriously consider legalizing prostitution in some cities.

  • Government documents with facts/statistics about tax revenue from Nevada’s legal brothels.
  • Various citizens who have opinions on the matter.

Sports: What happened to the great American role model?

In recent years, many famous athletes have been accused of “doping.” How does that affect their popularity among children and pre-teens?

  • High school athletes (to get their reactions on doping scandals of popular athletes)
  • Statistics of jersey sales, promotional gigs, etc.
  • Middle school and high school coaches
  • Pee-Wee and POP Warner coaches
  • Parents

Lifetstyle:  Fitbit One: The weight loss tool that women wear in their bra

This would be a review on the Fitbit One, a Bluetooth-powered pedometer (retails for $89.95) that supposedly measures how many calories a person burns per day.

  • Manager of a Brookstone where Fitbit products “fly off the shelves”
  • People who use Fitbit and have achieved weight loss success
  • People who use Fitbit who have not had success.
  • An exercise physiologist
  • A nutritionist

Sports: Running for fun: Theme races have added a whole new dimension to distance running.

People aren’t just running 5k races anymore… they’re spending a significant amount of money on “theme” races (ie: The Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, The Roc Run, Color Runs, Zombie Races, etc.) Why have these races grown in popularity? And how have they reached out to a new demographic of non-competitive runners?

  • Various runners who have participated in “fun runs”
  • Dave McGovern, an athlete who owns “World Class Racewalking” and serves as the national run coach for Team Challenge, a charitable endurance training program
  • Someone in charge of PR/development for the Warrior Dash/Color Run/whatever…



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