About Me

IMG_0159I often tell my students that I became a teacher because I failed as a comedienne. Although it’s not necessarily true, they sometimes believe me.

Truthfully, I’m just trying to become the best high school English teacher that I can be. I’m a graduate of Syracuse University and a lifetime Long Islander. I started my career in 2001, and I grew up *mighty quickly* in my first few weeks in the arena…

I’m grateful to those who mentor(ed) me and believe(d) in me, specifically Dan Abernethy, Herm Card, Mel Mariani, Susan Hynds, Dr. Richard Sinatra, Dr. Fran Guastello, Theresa Oropallo, everyone (yes, everyone) from Reynolds Reno 2013, and my colleagues.

“Dreaming, wishing, planning: it’s all writing, but the difference between you and the man on the street is that you are looking at it, friends, getting it set in your head, realizing the significance of the insignificant, getting it on paper. You might be in the throes of love or grief but you are ruthless in observation. You are your material. You are writers and one thing is certain: no matter what happens on Saturday night, or any other night, you’ll never be bored again.” – Frank McCourt

PS: You can now follow me on Twitter. See you there!


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