Inquiry Circles

Convention Center Room 006AThanks again for participating in my workshop from the November 3rd Smithtown Central School District “For Smithtown By Smithtown” Day: Classrooms Without Borders.

The picture on this page was photographed at the 2008 NCTE Conference in San Antonio. I wanted to attend this workshop because I saw that Harvey “Smokey” Daniels (a.k.a.”The Literature Circles Guy”) was facilitating. It seems as if everyone else had the same idea I did. I got there “early,” and I still had to sit way in the back of the room!

I hope that I was able to capture some aspect of what I learned that day and share it with my Smithtown colleagues!

The PowerPoint from today’s workshop can be downloaded by clicking here.

The assignment handout I used to pilot this project with my 10th graders can be downloaded from this site as well.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about this project or if you’d like some help to modify it for your own needs.

Useful Links:

Google Docs “In Plain English”

The NCTE Ning site (you need to sign up for Ning to join)



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  1. Mary says:

    Check out this blog post about using Google Docs in the classroom:

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